ROTC Night at Union City High School: The Community Celebrates Another Successful Night for The Marine Corps.

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Eliseo Alemán, Principal of Edison School in Union City, and Gunnery Sergeant and War Veteran Caonabo Reyes celebrate ROTC Night in Union City. Two loyal and great friends are two of the most honorable and dedicated public servants you would ever want to meet. Congratulations on another successful ROTC Night where hundreds of young men and women and their parents were recognized.

Susan Prusko was recognized by the Union City ROTC program on this special night. Mrs. Prusko holds the beautiful plaque from the ROTC next to her sons Joseph Scott and Daniel, and daughter in-law Michelle. Mr. Prusko-to the right of the photo with his wife Michelle- is one of the most dedicated teachers in Union City.

Union City Commissioners Margaret Martinelli and Celin Valdivia pose with Margaret’s daughter at the ROTC Ball on November 2, 2013.

Adiós a Un Grande de España: Manolo Escobar

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Manolo Escobar

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Muere a los 82 años Manolo Escobar

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Manolo Escobar dies at 82

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Interesante Documental: El último Sefardí

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Tomado del Blog de Martha Colmenares.

BLACKFISH – Killer Whales at SeaWorld Documentary Maker Gabriela Cowperthwaite

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